Andy Fish leads GACX's member engagement efforts, helping organizations connect, learn from each other, and build partnerships.

GACX Adds VP for Membership and Engagement
January 22nd, 2020

Over a third of GACX’s 86 current member organizations have joined the alliance in the last two years — 23 of them in just 2019 alone.

How A Multiplication Culture-Shift Quickened Growth
January 22nd, 2020

International Cooperating Ministries (ICM) has a unique model for church development.

Discipling toward Christ-likeness
October 22nd, 2019

At the 2019 Forum, Dr. Tanchi discusses the end goal of making disciples.

Reaching the Unreached
October 19th, 2019

At the 2019 Global Forum, Niyi shares principles that his organization has learned, applied, and refined for effective evangelism amongst diverse unreached people groups.

Compelled Forward
October 18th, 2019
Compelled to Multiply
October 17th, 2019

Steve examines the origins of the movement that Jesus began.

Engaging Emerging Generations
October 17th, 2019

At the 2019 Global Forum, Lisa Pak considers some of the challenges and realities faced by the millennial generation.

My Heart Soared When We Met
July 10th, 2019

My first GACX meeting was the children’s ministry strategy intensive at the 2018 forum. From the moment I arrived, the presence of God’s Spirit was palpable.

Turning Information into Opportunities
July 8th, 2019

GACX is bound together by a shared, measurable goal — what we summarize as the “one for 1000 vision.

Maximizing the 2019 Forum
July 2nd, 2019

The GACX Global Forum is one of the most strategically important events that I attend every year. But as GACX’s chairman, it’s my job to say that!

Building Powerful Partnerships
May 20th, 2019

GACX members have a key role in helping form national and regional alliances.

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