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Categories of Members


Implementors organizations are primarily involved in multiplying disciples and churches. Each commits to planting at least 1000 churches towards GACX's common goal.


Accelerator organizations facilitate discipleship and church multiplication through prayer, tools, strategies, finances, humanitarian programs, networking, and other means.

Examples of Types of GACX Membership Organizations

  • Mission Agency (independent or denominational)

  • Church / Denomination

  • Missional Network

  • Foundation

  • National Alliance

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National Alliances

A national alliance is an alliance of churches and mission organizations working together for church multiplication in a country. When a national alliance for church multiplication already exists, the posture of GACX is to celebrate and support that alliance and to connect that alliance with GACX member organizations and with other national alliances for church multiplication around the world.

When a national alliance for church multiplication does not exist, GACX will work with national leaders and GACX member organizations to catalyze the development of a national alliance for church multiplication in that country.

GACX invites national alliances for church multiplication to apply as Affiliate Members of GACX global. National Alliance Affiliate Members contribute to the vision and mission of GACX by sharing their experience and resources with other national alliances around the world but are not required to contribute financially to GACX global.

Characteristics of a GACX National Alliance include:

  • Contextual application of the GACX framework.

  • Connected to the global network of GACX national alliances.

  • Supported by GACX Regional Coaches and National Alliance Facilitators.

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Membership Requirements
Churches, mission agencies, non-profit organizations, and other incorporated entities are eligible to become a global member of GACX and must meet four key requirements.

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