Big Changes Bring Unexpected Opportunities

Nate Vander Stelt

Reading the news and hearing from many ministry leaders how COVID-19 is reshaping the world, two words keep coming to mind: “Unexpected opportunities.” Most of us might have never imagined how quickly and rapidly our world has changed in the last month.

Social distancing, canceled worship services, bans on large group meetings, sheltering-in-place and closed businesses — not only is it all very disruptive, but it’s also transformative. New realities are emerging, both in distant lands and the places where we live.

But because we serve a big, creative God there are also unexpected opportunities emerging to share the hope and love of Jesus.

In India, men and women, young and old, are connecting in unprecedented ways to reach locally unsaved family members, neighbors, and friends with the Good News of the Gospel. Where possible, they’re knocking on doors. Otherwise, they’re using phones, social media tools like WhatsApp to connect with others. New relationships are being formed, and unexpected opportunities are emerging to share Jesus with others, even if it’s through helping someone with their basic needs.

But for both organizations and individuals, there are also some unexpected opportunities in all this, like:

  • Slowing down to deeply rest in the Lord, pray and be refreshed.

  • Discovering greater reliance on leadership in each nation to advance the Gospel.

  • Spending time assessing goals, providing deeper training for team members remotely and discovering the power of modern technology to advance their mission.

  • Time to prayerfully ponder who God might be calling them to explore new collaboration opportunities to increase momentum, stewardship, and results.

GACX continues to receive reports from around the world that His Church, the bride of Christ, is growing. This is such encouraging news. And yet we know there are still many places in this world where the name of Jesus has never been mentioned or the Gospel has never been read, heard, or signed (for the Deaf). God’s mission continues. So does our commitment to labor together under Jesus’ banner.

More than ever, GACX remains committed to helping members and others connect, assess needs, and respond by collaborating in the best ways possible to multiply disciples and churches. The 5.2+ billion people on earth living and dying without Jesus need this work to continue.

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