How can the hope of Jesus reach every person on earth?

Over 5.5 billion people do not know about Jesus or claim a relationship with Him.

Today, about four in 10 people live in places where there are few, if any, believers or churches. Another 30% are in places the gospel has reached but they are still waiting to hear. But each is a person that Jesus died to save. 


God desires for eveyone to know about Jesus. Multiplying disciples and churches makes this possible.

A local, indigenous church filled with equipped, fruitful disciples is the best way to fulfill God's mission in a community. As these believers and bodies reproduce across multiple spiritual generations, they can become a movement spanning a city, nation... and the world.

GACX facilitates the collaboration necessary to see one healthy, multiplying church for every 1000 people everywhere.


Sharing information and experiences to understand what God is doing today... and has yet to do.


Maximizing capacity, resources, and opportunities to increase the scope and pace of impact.


Learning together how to become better multipliers of disciples and churches in diverse contexts.

GACX brings diverse parts of Christ's body together for a shared objective.


Love the Church

All who call Jesus Lord are loved and every Bible-centered church is valuable.


Spirit-filled Prayer

United before God to boldly ask Him to do what He alone can accomplish.


Effective Unity

Working together increases both our collective impact and shared witness for Christ. 

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