GO2020 Seeks to Reach One Billion People

Ready to join a global initiative to reach 1 billion people with the message of the Gospel in May 2020?  Several GACX members will be participating in an exciting mobilization of believers around the world, and we’re encouraging you to join them.

The vision for GO 2020 began over two years ago. Now, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, the timing couldn’t be more relevant. 

Dr. Bekele Shanko (GACX President and Cru Vice President for Global Church Movements), was at the table with Werner Nachtigal and Beat Baumann of Global Outreach Day when GO 2020 originated. “When [we] talked about reaching 1 billion people, planting 1 million churches and mobilizing 100 million believers, we didn’t have any idea that God would accelerate the fulfillment of that vision by sending an invisible virus,” according to Shanko. “This is one of the greatest moments to passionately proclaim the Prince of Peace.”

Go 2020 begins on May 1 with worldwide prayer gatherings, then launches into a full month of activities. For information about prayer resources, and sharing your faith, visit https://www.go2020.world/en.  Let’s look forward to seeing what God will do as we boldly proclaim His truth to those around us.

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