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Reconciliation leads to multiplication

  • Bekele Shanko
  • 6 February 2018
God have Tamadji a vision for Chad, but long-standing divisions stood in the way. A prayer-fueled strategy led to a national consultation where leaders of 22 denominations were reconciled to one another and pledged to work together to plant multiplying churches.

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Oral Strategies for Rapid Multiplication

  • Jerry Wiles
  • January 2018
Nearly 80% of people in the world learn primarily or exclusively though oral means. They learn stories, songs, dramas, and media rather than written words. Even those who are literate often prefer non-print forms of communication. (GACX Webinar, recorded January 23, 2017)

Principles and Practices of Multiplication

  • Curtis Sergeant
  • December 2017

The “Why” of Church Multiplication

  • Curtis Sergeant
  • December 2017

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GACX is a worldwide alliance of like-minded churches and mission organizations committed to help start at least five million multiplying biblical churches and faith communities.

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