Unique Characteristics

GACX Unique Characteristics

GACX facilitates the collaboration necessary to see one healthy, multiplying, sustainable church for every 1,000 people on earth. Within the alliance, we share lessons learned, identify and partner in priority locations, minimize duplication, maximize resources, measure progress, attend one another’s strategic events, and support one another. GACX regional coaches provide support and training for national alliances for church multiplication in countries around the world.

  • We pursue a shared vision of a church for every 1,000 people (an aggregate of five million more churches).

  • We share lessons learned, research, data, tools, experiences, and best practices for accomplishing our shared vision.

  • GACX member organizations connect for practical collaboration in specific locations and around specific projects all over the world.

  • Through the member portal and weekly GACX updates, GACX members discover new church planting partners with the vision, tools, and complementary skills they seek.

  • We emphasize the multiplication of disciples, leaders, churches, and faith communities.

  • GACX catalyzes the development of new national alliances. When a national alliance for church multiplication does not exist, GACX works with national leaders, networks, and GACX member organizations to catalyze the development of a national alliance for church multiplication in that country that is nationally led, funded, and identified with a name reflecting the unique national character of that alliance.

GACX brings diverse parts of Christ's body together for a shared objective.

  • Love the Church. All who call Jesus Lord are loved; every Bible-centered church is valuable.

  • Spirit-filled Prayer. United before God to boldly ask Him to do what He alone can accomplish.

  • Effective Unity. Working together increases both our collective impact and shared witness for Christ.

Explore GACX Membership GACX global members are organizations, networks, churches, and denominations working in multiple countries or contexts.
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