Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements

Churches, mission agencies, non-profit organizations, and other incorporated entities are eligible to become a global member of GACX and must meet four key requirements:


Members agree with our Statement of Faith and the GACX Framework.


GACX Global Membership is for organizations currently working in multiple countries or diverse contexts.


Each member annually reports their progress in church planting, their progress in building partnerships, their strategic needs, and their available resources to share with GACX member organizations.


Each member makes a minimum annual investment of $1000 to fulfill the vision of GACX. This investment is used to catalyze the formation of collaborative alliances, sponsor the participation of under-represented leaders at GACX events, and develop the tools and systems necessary to effectively serve alliance members.

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Interested in joining GACX? We are a worldwide network of churches and mission organizations committed to the vision of a healthy, multiplying church for every 1,000 people on earth.

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