Membership Application

Before You Begin/Become a GACX Member

GACX is a worldwide network of churches and mission organizations committed to the vision of a healthy, multiplying church for every 1,000 people on earth.

GACX inspires and facilitates the intentional collaboration necessary to achieve this vision by providing a network where member organizations work together on God’s mission - sharing lessons learned, identifying and partnering in priority locations, minimizing duplication, maximizing resources, measuring progress, attending one another’s strategic events, and supporting one another.

Please note that GACX is not a charitable foundation and does not distribute grants to Christian ministries around the globe.

Membership Application

Normal review and approval time takes five to ten business days.

Local churches, church denominations, mission organizations, and networks with a similar mission may join GACX.

A GACX membership may be canceled when a member organization chooses to do so or acts contrary to this framework.

Application form

1. Potential members complete the application form

2. A GACX team member schedules an interview with the organization applying for membership to review the application, discuss membership, and answer questions.

3. The application is reviewed and potentially approved by the GACX Leadership Team.

4. The organization is informed of GACX’s decision and the onboarding process begins.

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