Mark Gaither serves with the Global Aid Network (GAiN) as Manager of Special Projects.

Let’s Develop Sound Missiology for International Student Reentry
June 19th, 2023

Fatima was hostile to the Gospel, attending Christian events and Bible studies on her US campus mostly to argue. Then she experienced answered prayer in Jesus’ name from a Christian friend.

THE PATIO: Might this be the future of the church?
June 19th, 2023

“This is the first church I have ever been to where I did not feel anxious.” The middle-aged woman who spoke these words is a lifelong church attendee. She has lived on three continents.

Top 10 Benefits of Membership in GACX: a global alliance for church multiplication
June 19th, 2023

There are 8 billion people alive today. Of those, approximately 2.5 billion claim to follow Jesus, while the remaining 5.5 billion do not identify with the Christian faith.

Keeping it Real: Accurate Reporting of Church Multiplication
June 10th, 2023

If you have spent any time at all in the church planting world, you have undoubtedly heard it said, “If we added up all the reports, the Great Commission would be complete.”

Preparing Christ’s Bride: Saturation Church Planting vs. Church-Planting Movements
June 2nd, 2023

The Lord has called us to set our hope on the grace to be given us on the day when Jesus will return for his church...

The Future of Faith: Church Multiplication and Gen Z
May 31st, 2023

Discover the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in church multiplication and engagement with Gen Z by joining us for an inspiring and informative GACX webinar.

Collaborative Approach to Empower Indigenous Ministries
May 17th, 2023

Global Assist is an organization that provides resources (financial support, leadership training, strategic planning, prayer, and encouragement) to indigenous partner ministries.

Inspiring Collaborative Endeavors in the Marketplace
May 17th, 2023

Global Advance was founded in 1990 by David Shibley, focusing on pastoral leadership training, church planting, mobilization, and evangelization in developing nations.

Igniting Faith through Oral Bible Stories
May 17th, 2023

StoryRunners® equips people to develop oral Bible stories to launch church-planting movements among unreached people who don’t have access to the Bible.

Developing Catalytic Movement Leaders
April 4th, 2023

There are multiple methods and strategies that God can use to bring about a rapidly growing Kingdom movement.

What are “Very Successful” Church Planters doing differently?
March 20th, 2023

In the Fall of 2022, GACX conducted a survey with 282 global church planters to learn more about their habits, beliefs, and plans for the future of church planting.

The Right Person or the Right Method: What Starts a Movement?
February 17th, 2023

I have talked with lots of effective movement catalysts. Some I have coached, some formally interviewed, and some surveyed systematically.

Why the Metaverse? Does virtual reality need church planters?
February 13th, 2023

Learn more about emerging ministry opportunities in the Metaverse. Learn more about what the Metaverse is and what the Bible has to say about embodiment.

A Movemental Turn in Missions: Thoughts on New Eras and New Wineskins
January 16th, 2023

Change is a constant in our world. Especially in the last few years, however, it feels that the pace of change is increasing dramatically.

Going Beyond Through Apostolic Imagination
January 8th, 2023

At the 2022 GACX Forum, JD Payne defines "apostolic imagination" in the early church as, "A Spirit-transformed mindset that helped facilitate urgent and widespread gospel proclamation, disciple making, church planting, and leadership development." 

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