The church I grew up in was wonderful. The community, worship, sermons, and outreach truly represented Christ. At one point, our church experimented with holding potluck meals (where everyone brings food to share with others). Perhaps without much thought, our church assumed that everyone would bring different food to the potlucks. Fatal assumption!

For almost every potluck, I remember grabbing a styrofoam plate and plastic fork, only to move down the line and see that everyone brought the same thing: casseroles. The church thought they could offer community meals without much coordination, and it would naturally work out.

Ultimately, the potlucks died off. The potluck idea did not need a complex plan to succeed, but it did need less duplication and more communication. A good idea failed for lack of coordination... and imagination of something beyond casseroles.

Less duplication and more communication is a core value of GACX, a global alliance for church multiplication.

In this video, Doug Lucas describes how Team Expansion is collaborating with other GACX members and, through that collaboration, reducing duplication and increasing productivity. We love the authenticity of this video, which captures the genuine desire of GACX members to work together on God's mission. Enjoy!

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