A Widow’s Son with a Tea Cart is Bringing Jesus to an Unreached Village

GACX Staff

Pastor PK* and others connected through GACX India recently trained people – called catalysts –  to go plant house churches. They were sent to villages in central India where there is no obvious presence of Christ. 

One of these catalysts, Rama*,  visited a remote village several hours outside of Hyderabad. Walking through the village, he asked God to show him where he should start and prayed for breakthroughs, peace, and welfare in the village. 

God answered that prayer by leading Rama to a widow. He learned that she had been beaten up by the leaders of the village when her husband died. She lost her house as well, and now lived underneath some plastic sheets. Her eldest son, Pahal*, had worked in a tea shop for five years. But after losing his job he was struggling to find work that could sustain their lives. 

No one in the village cared for her and her sons. No one supported them or gave them food. They were outcasts and without hope. 

Believers connected to the GACX India network stepped up to raise the money needed to build this family a small shelter. This simple sharing of resources and love allowed Pahal to see the love of Jesus in action and made him want to know more about this Jesus that Rama and Pastor PK were talking about. 

Pastor PK used resources by visionSynergy and Harvesters International, both globally connected to GACX, to help Pahal understand how to grow and share his life-changing transformation in Jesus with those around him. 

A low-interest microloan was also arranged so that Pahal could open his own tea stand. Now he could provide for himself and his family. This business also gives him many opportunities to share Jesus in the marketplace.

Pahal has started a house church in his home and remains dedicated to Jesus and to GACX’s vision of planting healthy, multiplying churches, starting in his own village. Tea may be Pahal’s earthly specialty, but his heavenly mission is sharing the Gospel of Christ to all who will listen. 

This young man is one tangible example of GACX’s global mission. Because of Pastor PK’s obedience to share the Gospel, and use the tools he’s received through GACX members, a bright light is now shining in a small village.  

* Names changed for security reasons

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