Permeating Prayer Partnerships

Colin Millar - Igniting Prayer Action

I landed in Accra, Ghana last month for the Every Home for Christ (EHC) Africa Conference. Even though I had never been to Ghana, touching down on “home” African soil for the first time in over 4 years was like being born again — again! “Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”– the shrill trill call of joy from the Woodland Kingfisher from Zimbabwe, which I often mimic to express the joy of Jesus in my heart — sprung forth from my lips. Let’s pray now, before you read further:

“Lord God, we thank You that You desire us to be Reproducing Prayer Igniters, and You love it when we dwell together in unity. Please, Lord, inspire me through reading this story to be intentional about building prayer filled, actively engaging partnerships with other ministries and GACX Members, in Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.”

I have the privilege of serving as a Prayer Igniter with Global Media Outreach (GMO), which is also partnering with Every Home for Christ. Two ministry associates and I had been invited to attend EHC’s Africa Conference. Our purpose was to build friendships in prayer and strategically evaluate how we could begin constructing Kingdom-multiplying, life-engaging partnerships.On the bus with Pastor Harerimana Evariste (left)r

On the bus with Pastor Harerimana Evariste (left)

After a friendship-building breakfast in our beachside hotel, 80 of us sped — but mainly bumped — in two buses across the city to join 100 other Ghanaian pastors and ministry leaders at one of the well-known “Change the World School of Prayer” events led by EHC’s President, Dick Eastman. It was on this ride that I first met and prayed with Pastor Harerimana Evariste, EHC National Director in Burundi. God started welding our hearts together with from our first prayer-time on the bus. Friendship with our EHC brothers and sisters grew in that week as we experienced three realities of fruitful partnership:

  • Listen to God Together EHC does not just set time apart for prayer but makes prayer a part of who they are.  They take time to ask God questions together, listen to what He says through His Word and Spirit, then share what He puts on their hearts.

  • A Joyful, Jesus-filled Humility Every leader attending the conference modeled this principle, leading to a spirit of openness, repentance, and transformation.

  • Intentionality of Purpose The vision of EHC in the context of fulfilling the Great Commission was always held central in every aspect of training, strategy implementation, reporting, and accountability.

Every Home for Christ has worked in around 200 nations, but never alone. EHC always partners with the local church to do the work of evangelism and discipleship. Each month, they train and equip thousands of churches to systematically reach their communities for Christ. An average of 30,000 trained volunteers from local churches go home to home each month sharing the Gospel. Through daily WhatsApp sharing and a weekly prayer call together God is giving me and my new friend, Pastor Evariste, vision to how EHC, GMO, and other GACX members might effectually partner in Burundi. Will you intention your heart with a joy-filled humility toward listening to God? Ask him now:

“Father God, please reveal to us what other ministries and GACX members we could collaborate with in prayer?”

I would encourage you to write down what you hear and initiate two new 15-minute weekly prayer partnerships with those ministries.

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