Maximizing the 2019 Forum

Dr. Bekele Shanko - GACX

The GACX Global Forum is one of the most strategically important events that I attend every year. But as GACX’s chairman, it’s my job to say that!

But I also approach the forum as the leader of Cru’s Global Church Movements (GCM), evaluating how we can best contribute to and benefit from this annual gathering of like-minded co-laborers. It’s from that perspective that I want to share with you how GCM is planning for our time in Dallas.

Mobilizing the team

This years’ forum has eight different strategy intensives plus extended breakout times for regional collaboration. Because of all these opportunities to learn from others and make connections, I bring most of my team members to the forum. It’s expensive to bring 20-some people to an event like this — but we make the investment because partnering with others is a high priority.

GACX members are diverse, and not everyone can bring such a contingent. But maximizing your involvement at the forum increases opportunities for connection and partnership – benefitting our mission and increasing our combined global momentum. I would like to encourage you to bring several leaders from your organization so that they will be able to join partnership discussions in various regions and strategies.

Bringing regional and national leaders

Consider sponsoring a few national leaders from your organization participate in the GACX Global Forum who can then and help facilitate collaboration in their respective cities, countries or regions.

GCM carefully selects and invites a number of our regional and national leaders to the forum.
Tamadji, our national GCM leader in Chad, attended the GACX Global Forum two years ago and was inspired to launch an alliance in his country. Similarly, Apollos was able to help start national GACX in Liberia.

Inviting like-minded leaders

Many who come to a GACX forum have been invited by someone else. That’s why my team and I always ask ourselves, “Who are some like-minded leaders who are not yet part of GACX that we can invite to the forum?” By doing this, we can expose leaders to what God is doing through our unity and partnerships — and invite them to join.

Developing and deepening partnerships

The GACX forum gives our team an opportunity to spend time with leaders from partnering organizations so that we can evaluate existing partnerships and make plans to expand into new places.

But we also looking for new partnerships with organizations who can help us learn, grow and increase our impact. We are also looking for those who may need what we can offer.

It’s not about us

The GACX team is trusting God to make 2019 Global Forum be our largest, most robust gathering ever. For the first time in GACX’s history, the 2019 forum is being co-hosted by six member organizations. Each is making a strategic commitment to the success of this event in recognition of its value and impact for fostering collaborative unity.

We’re aware of many members that are planning to bring more of their team this year. And there’s also increased interest from other like-minded organizations, including many from the greater Dallas area.

Having a successful forum is a good goal, but it’s ultimately about one thing: increasing our collective momentum in multiplying disciples and churches so that everyone can know about Jesus.

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