GACX Celebrates 100-Member Milestone

Andy Fish - GACX

GACX recently reached a significant milestone when the alliance’s list of global member organizations officially passed the 100-member mark.  Another two members were also added recently, bringing the total roster to 102 members. To be a global member of GACX, an organization must be actively working in multiple countries and diverse contexts. 

The latest additions cap three years of incredible growth for GACX. Nineteen organizations joined in 2019, and another 17 joined in 2020 — bringing the total to 99 at the start of the current year. In addition, the number of GACX national expressions either emerging or launched has reached 27. These indigenous-led groups contextualize GACX’s vision for multiplication and collaboration to advance Kingdom growth in a country. 

“One hundred is a great number, something we’ve been praying and trusting God to reach,” notes Nate Vander Stelt, GACX’s Executive VP. “God is moving, and we anticipate more growth with several other organizations who are considering and applying to become members.” Each member organization adds to the momentum of the alliance’s efforts by increasing opportunities for collaboration and partnerships. 

Gary Wybenga leads Network 20, a new GACX member that works to fully engage young men as disciples of Jesus. “We see membership as an amazing opportunity to collaborate to advance God’s Kingdom,” says Gary.

“In 2011, God brought together five organizations around a vision that was bigger than anything we could do by ourselves,” says GACX President Bekele Shanko. “Our growth comes from God raising more people, more organizations, who realize that we are stronger, more effective, and more beautiful together than we are apart.” 

GACX will celebrate its 10th anniversary at the end of its annual forum on September 30, 2021. 

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