First GACX India Roundtable

Matt S. - Mission India

What a privilege it was for us at Mission India to host the India Roundtable powered by GACX. As an organization, we have been reflecting on our vision to transform India for Christ and have come to believe that the need is so great that we simply cannot accomplish it alone. Instead, we have been seeking to mobilize resources and relationships to accelerate the work in India. Membership in GACX affords us the opportunity to do just that, by partnering with some of the leading practitioners focused on transforming India for Christ. Working in collaboration with the GACX team, we hosted the two-day event in Grand Rapids. The response was tremendous given that this was the first year. In total, 26 people attended representing 21 organizations. It was such a privilege to hear what these leaders were doing to move the work forward in India. Since this was the first event of this kind, we had no idea what to expect. But we knew we had something special when, within the first hour, leaders opened up about the challenges and struggles they were facing. There was no pretense or pride, only a strong sense of humility that permeated the gathering. No one was there to aggrandize or dominate the conversation. Everyone simply presented their challenges and opportunities, followed by an honest dialogue about how we could work together to accomplish more than we could alone. For each issue that was identified, we broke into working groups for discussion and brainstorming of solutions. We then reported back to the larger group and had further dialogue. We were very excited about the ideas that developed. Truly everyone was able to learn from each other and draw from the collective experience in the room. A number of opportunities for partnership were identified. Some of those will certainly be informal in nature, while others will certainly develop into more long-term relationships on the field. We also spent significant time praying for one another and the needs in India. Most of us know the Great Commission where Christ calls us to go into all the world and make disciples. But we don’t always do as well with the Great Collaboration that Jesus prayed for in John 17. He prays that his followers will be one so that the world might be won. For me, this event was an answer to this prayer. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with GACX to host this roundtable and look forward to future collaboration to advance the work in India.

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