A Movement Catalyst is someone God uses to ignite and encourage the growth of a disciple-making or church-planting movement. He or she will identify local leaders and locations, and then begin mentoring others. In some cases, this person can be remote, living in another place from where the movement is forming, and make periodic visits.

When working remotely, the most important function of a “non-residential catalyst” is to help others strategically plan to go to new places or strengthen current locations based on their understanding of what God is doing in an area. The catalyst may also help train people or teach others how to train in essential movement-building principles.

During this webinar, you will learn about the character qualities, fruitful practices, and tools that define and foster effectiveness in being a non-residential movement catalyst.

  • Cultivating and casting vision for a people, place, or region
  • Selecting and mentoring leaders who live somewhere else
  • Effective virtual coaching and communications
  • Developing leaders of growing movements
  • Planning and executing visits and vision trips