Watch the highlight video (above) and you’ll quickly see the “ignition” of praises and prayers in the eyes of our Father at the Ignition 2018, the GACX prayer summit in Orlando.  The fire and fragrance of Christ was poured out across 30 combined hours of worship, intercession, friendship formation, food, rest and collaboration.

Ignition 2018 was built on three pillars:

  1. Praying Toward Multiplication of missional churches for every 1000 people;

  2. Building Cultures of Prayer in every GACX member; and

  3. Praying for Effective Partnerships that intentionally work together in humility to accomplish the mission of planting 5 million additional, healthy multiplying churches by the end of 2020.   

As over 50 people gathered, we were reminded that prayer is the foundation upon which we can accomplish the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Prayer is a catalyst for unity.

“There was a real sense of oneness at the Summit. As we broke up into small group prayer, you could see walls coming down and partnerships forming,” reflected Bill Pezzutti, a GACX Prayer Igniter. “The posture of humility allowed each of us to lay aside our own personal/organizational agendas and partner with our brothers and sisters.”  

Opening in worship and prayer, participants were invited to consecrate themselves before the Lord. The Holy Spirit moves during the workshops, personal prayer time, and closing Communion.  As one participant stated, “The GACX Prayer Summit sparked and ignited an expanded, deepened sense of God’s assurance that the prayer found in John 17 is progressing towards being answered.”  

Together, we truly experienced the Lord’s heart.  As it says in Psalm 133, how good and lovely it was to see members of the GACX family and friends celebrating in His presence and dwelling together in unity.

Join those who attended Ignition 2018 with this challenge:

  1. Identify and launch your P.I.T. Crew (Personal Intercessory Team). Visit this link for details:

  2. Seek the Lord with these two requests:

    1. Lord, please give me two actions steps that will deepen my intimacy with You and increase my winning others to Jesus.

    2. Lord, which two people or organizations do You want me to build a deep relationship with over the next year, connecting and building prayer friendship on a weekly or bi-weekly basis?

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