How do we help believers live as effective, mission-focused disciples in all areas of their life?  Pastors, leaders, and disciple-makers need to equip disciples with Biblical vision and practical skills to bring the gospel into every part of their society. Whole-life discipleship is a key to multiplication whether the culture is “reached” or “unreached.”

Whole-life disciples making disciples is core to the multiplication of healthy churches.  How do we move disciple-making beyond a program or project to the natural flow of life-on-life relationships?  Leaders need to equip congregations with Biblical vision and practical skills to make disciples where people live and work.

During this webinar, we will learn how different groups have moved from programs to life-on-life discipleship.  Discover some simple shifts that can be applied in any context to help empower believers to be a disciple in their workplace and spheres of influence. 

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