Global Assist

ACCELERATOR - joined August 5th, 2020


Fulfilling the Great Commission until Jesus Returns. The Mission of Global Assist is to be a valuable resource partner to global, indigenous church planting ministries whose efforts are to reach their people groups with the Good News of salvation, reconciliation and rebirth through personal faith in Jesus Christ. The result is the regeneration of the new believer to new life now and for eternity. The follow through work is the discipleship of the individual, the creation of home churches and the transformation of societies into faith-based, caring communities. All of this for the glory of God.

Active Regions

Central Asia
Latin America and the Caribbean
Sub-Saharan Africa

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Collaborative Approach to Empower Indigenous Ministries
Collaborative Approach to Empower Indigenous Ministries
May 17th, 2023

Global Assist is an organization that provides resources (financial support, leadership training, strategic planning, prayer, and encouragement) to indigenous partner ministries.

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