Partnership Brings Audio Bibles to Unengaged People Group

Larissa Edmond - Renew World Outreach Erik Laursen - New Covenant Missions

The Bainouk people live in the Sahel region of The Gambia and no one was trying to bring them the Good News about Jesus. Two GACX members worked together to provide a resource that allowed workers to form listening groups where the Bainouk could hear and respond to God’s word.

Video Transcript

Larisa Edmond, Renew World Outreach:

Renew World Outreach is a ministry that equips workers with tools and strategies to reach remote and unreached peoples.  We develop technologies like solar-powered audio Bible players so that people can get the Word of God in their heart language.

God is moving through New Covenant Missions. Erik has already been using amazing tools like solar-powered projection systems to show the JESUS film. 

When I heard about his need for audio bible players, I was just so excited. I had just heard of another ministry we partner with, In Touch Ministries, and their desire to get their discipleship materials in audio form using the Torch.

When I heard that I realized that through relationship and intentional partnership, Renew was able to equip and accelerate both ministries.

Erik Laurson, New Covenant Mission:

I’m here The Gambia with our regional director of the Sahel region. And we are visiting our new work among the Bainouk people who were considered totally unengaged and unreached. There were no known Christian workers trying to reach them.

Renew World Outreach came to us and asked us to form a new partnership to help start distributing these audio bibles throughout the Sahel region. They are such an important tool, so we are so grateful for what God’s done. It’s through the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication [GACX] that really made the connections between us and Renew World Outreach. We are so excited because we know that a whole lot of salvations will come forth from this new partnership.

NCM African Leader:

Some of them, they don’t go to school.  But if you play this audio bible and they listen, then they ask questions.  From there you are able to answer their questions. So for me, it is very, very helpful for my ministry.

Larisa Edmond:

When people gather around the audio bible players, they form listening groups. These listening groups are an opportunity for them to listen to the audio bible and discuss it in their heart language. These listening groups can turn into discipleship opportunities, and from there, church planting. We’ve seen churches multiply across entire villages.

NCM African Leader:

There is no power, no electricity, so they can use the audio Bible Torch for lighting their rooms, their roads. And then they can use it to listen to the Gospel in their own languages.

Larisa Edmond:

What an exciting time to be alive, as I consider partnership and its importance in fulfilling the Great Commission. I think I’m more convinced than ever that it’s not just about filling a need, it’s not just about where our ministries overlap, it’s actually about relationships. And it’s been just the greatest for Renew to partner with ministries like New Covenant Missions and be a part of GACX, and the Forum, and other ways…we are just honored to be part of this Great Commission with you.

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