Throughout history, there have been countless stories of captives being set free. We watch movies about concentration camps liberated after World War II or hear stories of children rescued from sex trafficking. Even in our lives, we witness individuals set free from self-destructive habits and the debilitating grip of past trauma. 

Similarly, Set Free Ministries is dedicated to seeing individuals set free by Christ from spiritual and emotional bondage: legalism, fear, self-loathing, bitterness, anger, addiction, and self-destructive habits. Domestically and internationally, they provide anyone needing freedom in Christ with the resources and community they need to journey towards freedom.  

Through Set Free’s collaboration with fellow GACX members, hundreds of people have come to hear about Jesus through film and audio Bibles and have an opportunity to find the freedom that only comes from Jesus. 

Please watch this short video from Dean Vander Mey, Executive Director of Set Free Ministries, to learn more.