GACX’s first-ever Virtual Resource Day will help member organizations tell other co-laborers about their tools, training, and other resources. This will create new opportunities for collaboration to accelerate our shared mission of seeing one church for every 1000 people everywhere.

GACX is pleased to announce that we will host our first-ever global "GACX Virtual Resource Day". As a member, we are inviting YOU to actively participate by sharing tools, training, and resources with others in ministry around the world to increase collaboration opportunities.

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"This Resource Day will be an amazing opportunity to quickly and effectively explore possible collaboration ideas, opportunities and partnerships!" - Nate Vander Stelt, GACX Executive Vice President 

Session Categories Include:

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  • Discipleship Training
  • Children & Youth
  • Leadership
  • NextGen/Millenials
  • Research, Data & Reporting
  • Prayer
  • Strategic Resource Development
  • Urban Movements
  • Marketplace Discipleship
  • Digital Strategies
  • Other

Choose a category that best describes your organization & set up your Zoom link for the Resource Day. This will allow you to manage the time and guest participation from your side. There will be three - one hour blocks (time managed by you) which GACX will use in promotions. We recommend you set up one Zoom link for the entire three hour block to keep it simple for you and GACX in promotions.

Interested in Presenting

Your Ministry?

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Registration to present at the Virtual Resource Day ends September 10. Please also keep in mind our posture is to serve, not "sell" at GACX.  We pray that God will use this day to advance His Kingdom in mighty ways.