Engaging through Webinars

GACX offers interactive webinars as strategic means of engaging Kingdom co-laborers with key ideas, information, or practices that facilitate discipleship/church multiplication. 

Interactive, one-hour webinars provide an opportunity to communicate ideas, concepts, or practices pertaining to discipleship/church multiplication. Because participants register to attend, this can also be an opportunity to build connections around a specific topic.

Preparing for the Webinar

GACX normally begins the promotion of a webinar at least 8 weeks before the scheduled date. It will be listed on the public website events page (gacx.io/events) and publicized through our email newsletters and other communications.

The GACX Communications team will work with each webinar’s facilitator(s) to create a web title and description that answers three key questions that helps people decide if they want to participate.

  1. What is the “big idea” (one to three key points) that will be shared during this webinar?
  2. How does this topic intersect with discipleship/church multiplication and/or strategic partnerships?
  3. How might someone benefit from participating in the webinar? What is their takeaway? (The more concrete and actionable the better!)

GACX webinars are intended to serve our diverse global constituency. While a webinar may speak to a specific area, it’s helpful to keep in mind who you will be speaking to.

Webinar Format

GACX generally uses Zoom Webinars. Unline a regular Zoom meeting, only the webinar host (a GACX team member) and the presenters are seen and heard. Regular participants cannot see or hear each other.  This setup uses less data than a regular Zoom meeting, which better serves those with slower internet connections. It also protects the identity and location of each participant while allowing for a "clean" recording that can be publically shared.

Webinar participants can interact either through the built-in chat feature, or the Q&A feature. We encourage the use of the Q&A feature for questions because it's easier to identify and track them here than in a streaming chat.


GACX webinars typically are planned to last about 50 to 55 minutes. Longer sessions are possible but need to be advertised that way in advance.

Time Content
-0:02 - 2:00 Title Slide & Music
2:00 - 5:00 Welcome & Introductions
5:00 - 40:00 Main Presentation
40:00 - 50:00 Question & Answers
50:00 - 52:00 Wrap Up

Webinar Request

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