Engaging through Stories

Why we share stories

The Book of Acts tells how God multiplied disciples and churches in the early Church. These stories and others woven throughout Scripture have inspired and mobilized Christians for thousands of years.

Telling the stories about what God is doing today can encourage, equip, and challenge co-laborers worldwide.

What we share

Stories from Places

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Stories about Spaces

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Sharing stories safely

GACX shares stories on our public website and through various other digital media. But some stories may involve people, places, or ministry activities that for reasons of safety and security should not be publicly disclosed. When appropriate, pseudonyms and other changes may be made to obfuscate any identifying details. 

Story Formats

Written Story

Writing a story is an effective way to engage GACX's audience. A story should be about 500-800 words and (ideally) use the inverted pyramid structure.  Including pictures and short captions is also good. Using simple language and sentence structures helps those who don't speak English as a primary language. 

Video Story

A brief, 3-6 minute video can be a powerful way to share a story. But because not everyone may watch the video (due to time, location, or internet connection)  it is good to include a transcript or other text that shares the story. (GACX can only share videos with content legally owned or licensed to the person or organization providing it.) 

Hybrid Story

A story can also be told through a combination of video, text, and photos. For example, the main part of the story can be written but include a brief interview clip that adds context or depth. 

Submit a Story or Story Idea

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