Pioneering Church Planting in the Metaverse

Every Wednesday from August 2 to 30, 2023
9:00-11:30 AM US Eastern Daylight Time

Join others from around the world in this 5-week learning cohort to explore church planting opportunities in the metaverse. These sessions are being carefully crafted to equip attendees with invaluable insights and hands-on experience, advancing missional connections for GACX's vision of a healthy, multiplying, sustainable church for every 1000 people on earth.


Week 1 (August 2): Introduction to the Metaverse
  • Overview of the metaverse and its potential for church planting and multiplication.
  • Practical metaverse activities, such as attending VR church services and exploring virtual worlds.
  • Discussion of the theological implications of the metaverse for church planting.
Week 2 (August 9): Metaverse Church Planting
  • Strategies for planting a church in the metaverse.
  • Practical metaverse activities, such as sharing the gospel in VR chat rooms and building a metaverse church.
  • Discussion of the challenges and opportunities of planting a church in the metaverse.
Week 3 (August 16): Engaging Members in the Metaverse
  • Techniques for engaging members in a metaverse church.
  • Practical metaverse activities, such as holding a virtual worship service and organizing virtual events.
  • Discussion of the unique aspects of member engagement in the metaverse.
Week 4 (August 23): Mental Health and the Metaverse
  • Discussion of mental health challenges in the metaverse and strategies for addressing them.
  • Practical metaverse activities, such as exploring virtual mental health resources and holding a virtual support group.
  • Discussion of the role of the church in promoting mental health in the metaverse.
Week 5 (August 30): Metaverse Church Acceleration
  • Strategies for accelerating the growth of a metaverse church.
  • Practical metaverse activities, such as building a virtual missions program and organizing a virtual outreach event.
  • Discussion of the future of the metaverse and its potential for church multiplication.


Adam Graber

Adam Graber co-hosts the Device & Virtue podcast. He consults on Digital Theology for FaithTech and Leadership Network and is a coach at Wheaton College's Center for Faith and Innovation.

Jeff Reed

Jeff is a digital ministry pioneer, founding THECHURCH.DIGITAL and DigitalChurch.Network. He directs Metaverse Church NEXT and Digital Church NEXT for Leadership Network, and works with global gospel organizations.

Miheret Eshete

Miheret Tilahun Eshete serves as the senior digital strategist for GACX. He has been pioneering and leading ministries in the digital space since 2008.


Space is limited! Register now to save your spot and join this groundbreaking learning experience. Participants should have their own VR headsets, but rental options are available.

Registration fee: $50
Registration may be cancelled and refunded up to 7 days before the cohort begins. Refunds are not otherwise offered.
Empowering Church Planters in the Metaverse