Join the GACX Team

GACX works to foster strategic collaboration toward a singular goal. Increasing the efficacy and capability of our alliance benefits every member. But most importantly, a bigger and better alliance speeds up our collective effort in God’s mission.

A GACX team associate helps the core leadership team advance our shared vision and goals by serving in a limited-scope role. Many positions require fewer than 10 hours spent each week.


VP for Research & Information

Develop GACX’s capacity to conduct research, gather and analyze member reports, and share that information with members to further our mission and vision. Oversees a data gathering processes to inform prioritization and resource allocation. 10-20 hours/week.   


Genos Initiatie Coordinator

GACX’s Genos Initiative seeks to purposefully engage new and emerging generations in global disciple-making and church planting. It seeks to help members and other organizations effectively develop cross-generational collaboration and leadership. Up to 20 hours/week.


Children's Initiative Coordinator

GACX’s Children’s Initiative fosters exploration, innovation, and collaboration to engage children as active partners in discipleship and church multiplication. Up to 20 hours/week.


GACX Accociates Coordinator

This coordinator ensures each person is well-placed to serve and is empowered, encouraged, and strengthened to maximize his/her abilities within the larger GACX team. He or she also helps the core leadership team identify and define new roles as needed. Up to 10 hours/week.


Roundtable Liason

A GACX Roundtable is a cohort of GACX members and select partners who periodically come together online or in person to collaborate on a specific topic or region.  The roundtable liaison serves as the link between each roundtable’s leaders and the GACX leadership team. Up to 10 hours/week.


Email Coordinator

Primarily responsible for creating, formatting, and editing GACX mass emails, including newsletters and event promotions. Requires some experience with HTML and image optimization for email. About 4-5 hours/week.


Content Editor

Manages the process for creating, editing, and publishing high-quality text and video content on the GACX website. Works with members and other staff to implement the planned content calendar. About 4-6 hours/week.


Social Media Editor

GACX uses social media to share our overall message, promote new content on our website, interact with other thought leaders, and market events. This role develops and implements a social media content calendar. About 6-8 hours/week.


WordPress Developer

GACX’s public website is our primary vehicle for marketing and communication with our members and others. We need an individual with solid PHP, HTML, and CSS experience using the WordPress CMS. Up to 20 hours/month.


Global Forum Host

Working alongside the GACX leadership team and forum coordinator, the host serves as the local liaison and guide for planning and holding this annual event. Up to 10 hours/week, more in the 6 weeks ahead of the forum.


Global Forum Team

Each annual forum involves multiple people working in numerous roles, starting 3 to 6 months ahead of the event. Each role requires about 5 hours of work per week, with activity in the weeks before the forum.

  • Program Advisors
  • Forum Project Coordinator
  • Registration Coordinator
  • Event Design Team
  • Speakers Liaison
  • Operations/Logistics Team
  • Transportation Team
  • Local Host Team
  • International Guests Team
  • Prayer Team

Vision Day Host/Co-host

A GACX Vision Day brings together members, prospective members, church leaders, and others within a specific metro area for a time of vision sharing and collaboration. The Vision Day Host works with the GACX team to plan and execute this event in their city. About 10 hours/week, for 3 months ahead of the event.

Interested in learning more? Additional details about each position are available.