Turning Good Data into Effective Action

This event is in the past.

A strategic plan is only as good as the information upon which it’s built. Many mission organizations are beginning to realize that their established methods for collecting and reporting field data are not only inadequate but at times can even lead to the wrong conclusions.

Developing and implementing new data verification measures is not easy -- or comfortable. But having good data ultimately leads to better decisions, which in turn can result in greater impact for multiplying disciples and churches.  This webinar will present two GACX members who are taking concrete steps to ensure the quality of their ministry’s information.

Mission India
Concerns over the quality of field data led Mission India to invest in a substantial audit and verification process through qualitative research. Learn why they realized this was worth the cost, and the positive impact it had on their decision-making processes. 

OneHope - Kathie Coenen and Dave Plate
Embracing research as a foundational component of their strategy allows OneHope to collect and analyze vast quantities of data. Discoer how they effectively measure the efficacy of programs to find opportunities for improvement.

This webinar is hosted by Steve Roa (GACX’s Director of Research and Information) and  Lee Holcombe (Director of Field Ministry Research for East West Ministries International).