The Future of Faith: Church Multiplication and Gen Z

This event is in the past.

Discover the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in church multiplication and engagement with Gen Z by joining us for an inspiring and informative GACX webinar.  Our expert speakers will share insights on the unique characteristics of Gen Z in the U.S. and Kenya, presenting forward-thinking strategies that will empower your church to connect with this new generation in meaningful ways. 

Alongside these presentations, you'll have the chance to participate in interactive  Q&A sessions and collaborate with other participants in Zoom breakout sessions to exchange experiences and ideas. Register now and be a catalyst for positive change!

Chesly Lunday and his team led a groundbreaking study on the emerging generational trends at the intersection of technology and faith. He has developed a discernment where of where churches and organizations can thrive amind unprecedented generational change.
Angela serves as a youth ministry leader with CITAM (Christ Is The Answer Ministries) serving among the recently graduated high school students and providing transition care through mentorship, discipleship and teaching as they navigate their way into tertiary learning and the adult world.