Digital Strategies Data Collaboration Meeting

This event is in the past.
The Center for the Study of Global Christianity (CSGC) needs your help. They publish one of the best studies on the spread of Christianity around the world and where the gospel still needs to go.
Every 20 years, they update their formula. They are considering including information about digital strategies in their next study of Global Christianity and have asked Tom Seely from GMO, Walter Shaffer from Cru, and Cindy Anderson from YWAM to identify the effect of digital strategies on Global Christianity.

Member organizations of GACX and like-minded networks are invited to participate in this work. In this January 11 meeting, we invite you to join the discussion regarding the impact of digital mission efforts on the global advance of the gospel.


9:00 Welcome from CSGC team
9:10 Introductions from participants
9:30 CSGC presentation on gospel access: history, measurement, what we're looking for, etc.
10:15 Q&A, feedback, discussion of data
10:50 Wrap-up, next steps