Developing Catalytic Movement Leaders

This event is in the past.

There are multiple methods and strategies that God can use to bring about a rapidly growing Kingdom movement. But field research suggests that even more important are leaders – people who pray earnestly, take steps of faith, lead courageously, and contextualize the tools for their field.

How are these leaders found and developed? What combination of spiritual gifting, personal qualities, training, and mentoring is needed to help a person become an effective catalytic movement leader?

During this webinar, Emanuel Prinz will share some of the key insights he’s discovered from interviews and assessments of effective movement leaders around the world. You will be introduced to the key qualities of these effective catalytic leaders, and come away with some ideas for developing such leaders through your organization – and for growing into such a leader yourself.

Dr. Emanuel Prinz partnered with God to start a movement and works as a movement consultant, boosting ministries toward movements. He is the author of Movement Catalysts and blogs at