Developing Strategic Partnerships & Global Projects

This event is in the past.

Collaboration — working together for a shared purpose — makes us stronger and more effective. But how can we move away from working on our own to start serving with others through strategic partnerships? It takes the right mindset and a practical plan.

Rick Franklin and Menchit Wong are currently partnering together on a team developing an exciting new program for the Lausanne Movement and YLGen. This and many decades of other experiences give them good insights into the challenges, benefits, and processes of working together.

During this workshop, these two global partners will:

  • Explore key values needed to laya firm foundation for strategic partnerships.
  • A 4-stage plan to guide partnerships and global projects.
  • Offer a practical roadmap for establishing new partnerships and collaborative projects.
Rick Franklin serves as Vice President with Arrow Leadership Ministries, where he trains, coaches, and consults with leaders and ministries. His deeply held passion is to develop Jesus-centered leaders has been cultivated by over 30 years of work in ministry, teaching, and consulting.
Menchit Wong currently serves as Vice-Chair of the International Board of the Lausanne Movement. She also serves in other global missions advocating for children and youth, and has 30 years of global leadership experience in advocacy for children living in poverty.