Ramesh Richard is a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and helped launch the Global Proclamation Academy to equip young pastors. He also leads RReach, which seeks to evangelize leaders and strengthen pastors in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Since 2005 God has allowed the Global Proclamation Academy (GPA) to bring 25 younger pastoral leaders to Dallas for a three-week program designed to connect, unite and strengthen the finest, younger lead pastors of Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

God has blessed RREACH (Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Health), in concert with Dallas Theological Seminary, over the last 12 years to graduate 277 outstanding young pastors from 85 countries and with a 100% return rate. We are again expecting 25 men in 2018 from 25 countries.

The Dallas GPA is the most critical aspect of the Global Proclamation Commission, a human capital campaign to connect, unite and strengthen 100,000 pastors by 2020. As such, each pastor must fit the following criteria to be considered for candidacy before beginning the intense application process:

Do you know any younger pastors who might fit? Please visit http://rreach.org/dgpa-gacx by December 30 to recommend a pastor. We will invite them on your behalf to apply.

We would also encourage you to inform your nominees that you have recommended them for RREACH’s program to be held June 10-30, 2018, at Dallas Theological Seminary. We again anticipate that this 2018 class will be full with just the right pastors whom God will bring from all over the world.