Ray Kuntz helps lead church multiplication in South Asia for East West Ministries and manages special projects for GACX.

The European Forum for Church Multiplication (ECFX) is a regional branch of GACX, pursuing a contextualized vision to see one healthy, multiplying church for every 1,000 people on this “post-Christian” continent. It was my great privilege to participate in the 2017 event which united 154 attendees from 24 countries for the purpose of reaching people in Europe.

As an American — an outsider — some words, impressions, and themes stood out.

Europe can be characterized as a continent in crisis. Many spoke of Europe’s loss of hope, loss of identity, and loss of direction. These words caught me off guard; they stood out; they had a distinctness to them. There was a sense that the refugee crisis had changed the landscape of Europe.

Yet there is great optimism for Europe, a sense that things had “bottomed out” but that the Church is being awakened with growing hope. There is a sense that the Lord has been using the refugee crisis to reshape Europe for His purposes. From pages of personal notes and observations I highlight the following:

The bottom line: this Forum was huge, a joyous step forward. It was full of hope. The Lord is moving in Europe. He is awakening His people, He is raising up a generation that is intent on reclaiming their land for Christ. He is using unconventional means; people are sharing Christ with refugees; refugees are coming to Christ, and sharing Christ with unsaved Europeans.

I find great hope in Europe and great expectations to see what God does between this and the next ECFX in April 2018 The Lord is looking for hearts that seek Him. A young generation is responding. I am so grateful for what He is doing.