A Missiological Dialogue about Disciple Making Movements

GACX Staff

The July 2022 issue of Global Missiology featured a constructive dialogue between the editor of Motus Dei: The Movement of God to Disciple the Nations (Warrick Farrah) and the author of No Shortcuts to Success: A Manifesto for Modern Missions (Matt Rhodes).

Key articles in the discussion are reposted here with the kind permission of Global Missiology.

Discussing and Catalyzing Movements: An Invitation to Research, Sacrifice, and Commitment by Pam Arlund and Warrick Farrah, published July 2022.

Advancing Conversations about Proclamational and Movements Methodologies, by Matt Rhodes, published July 2022.

Book Review: Motus Dei: The Movement of God to Disciple the Nations, by Dasan Jeyaraj, published October 2022.

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