Day 5: National Expressions

Nepalese Leaders and Churches Unite Around Shared Vision


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“A new fire has been lit in peoples’ hearts,” said Pastor Puran, who leads a church in the Nepali capital of Kathmandu and is part of the newly emerging GACX Nepal. He dreams of unity and growth for the church in Nepal. 

“What GACX has been teaching us — a new multiplying church for every 1,000 people — has been in my heart for quite some time,” he said. “This is something I’ve been promoting in our community: that churches must come together to transform cities and the nation.

In mid-October, they did just that. Pastor Puran invited an expected 40 to 50 leaders to meet. Instead, over 100 gathered together for two days to pray, learn, discuss, and mobilize the vision for church multiplication. Pastor David, who attended, helps lead a local disciple-making ministry in Nepal, and has been involved with the GACX national expression for two years. He speaks of synergy and working together and “a greater harvest of souls in days to come.”

Rajesh Malaki is GACX’s regional coordinator for the South Asia Region; he points to the approximately 150 leaders and their organizations that are being influenced by the GACX alliance in Nepal. He celebrates “more leaders and organizations aligning with the GACX vision,” and sees “unity among the church leaders for collaboration and partnership and using resources available through GACX.”

While government surveillance continues to be a source of discouragement—Pastor Puran was interrogated recently by police—connections forged through GACX Nepal hold strong and continue to grow. “My prayer is that there will be more collaboration of all the churches and ministries together to expand the kingdom of God in our nation,” said Pastor Puran.

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GACX's vision is contagious: "One church for every 1000 people everywhere" challenges global, regional, and local co-laborers to overcome obstacles and work together for Spirit-fueled Kingdom growth.

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