2020 Member Progress Report

An important goal for GACX is understanding and then celebrating our collective progress in seeing God start new churches worldwide.

Before you submit you're organization's report, take a few minutes to listen as Matt Schantz from Mission India shares why this report is important and how they work to make sure it's accurate.

Defining "Church"

For the purposes of this report, a local church is a body of believers and followers of Jesus Christ, with recognized spiritual leadership, who regularly gather for worship, fellowship, instruction, the practice of the ordinances, and who fulfill the Great Commission by loving and serving one another and their neighbors and intentionally multiplying themselves.

GACX members have various measurements for what is considered a church: 

  • “two or three gathered in [Jesus'] name”
  • “ten or more adults from three different families practicing Acts 2:42-47”
  • “hundreds of people worshipping the Lord together.” 

Submit Your Organizations's Report

Please be prepared with the following information when submitting your organization's 2020 progress report.

  • Updates to reported numbers from 2017, 2018, 2019 (if relevant)
  • The total number of new churches started in 2020.
  • The highest number of spiritual generations seen in 2020.
  • A brief statement on how your reported numbers are collected.